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What's in a name?

One of the first questions we got as we talked about the business was/is - what are you going to name it?

I can tend to be indecisive with things (like what to eat, wear, etc) but the business was not one of those things. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, what options or services I wanted to provide. The only exception was the name. I didn't want it to be cheesy or clique or something I would get sick of quickly. While my husband and I do everything as a team, for all intents and purposes, this is my business and he has been more than supportive in everything about this project. He has made his voice known on things he felt were important (i.e. construction and property related things) and he left the rest up to me unless I needed his help.

One day, we were driving to go see family and we were talking about the barn and our next steps and I was telling him how I couldn't think of a good name or one I liked. I asked him if he had any thoughts about what to name the business. I was shocked when he almost automatically replied "Dutch Harvest Farm". I was almost expecting him to say "I don't care, its your business" or toss words around. I asked why he had picked that name. I will remember his reply forever. He said: "'Dutc'h, to us means family, 'Harvest' is a time that brings all people together and 'Farm' because that is the family meeting place.​" While not deep or prophetic, he knew my vision, my heart and my passion and nothing could have fit better than those three words!

After we had a name, the rest feel into place including our logo. Thanks to Laura Faye, we were blessed with some great artwork.


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